The Assembly Process Of A Printed Circuit Board

PCB_SpectrumHere’s something we would like you to know right away – the process of creating a printed circuit board (PCB) is not simple and may take time. While there are people who can create their own PCBs using the proper materials, they are often not as complex when compared to the ones created using a machine. This article will go through the stages involved in the PCB assembly process.

PCB assembly is the process of soldering electronic components into the circuit board. This is not automatically the same as PCB manufacturing, which involves several processes, including designing the PCB and actually creating the prototype. The right components have to be soldered on the boards before they can be used in different gadgets and electronic equipment. The assembly process and the type of components depend on what type of PCB it is and the electronic device the PCB will be connected to.

Kinds Of PCB Assembly Process

When the printed circuit board is done, it is time for the different electronic components to be connected to it so that it would actually function.

There are two kinds of methods that can be used in the assembly process:

1.Surface-mount technology – components are put on lands or pads on the external part of the board.

2.Through-hole technology – component leads are placed into the holes.

The component leads in both construction methods are still mechanically and electrically attached to the PCB using molten metal solder. The process on how the components will be soldered depends on the volume of PCBs that have to be assembled. For producing boards in bulk, machine placement is the best process to solder components to the PCB. This is usually done with reflow ovens or bulk wave soldering. On the other hand, if it is for small volume production, soldering using the hands will work well in most cases.

Often, both surface-mount and through-hole technologies need to be done in one printed circuit board because some of the necessary electronic components are only part of surface-mount packages and the others are only obtainable in through-hole packages. If the electronic components are likely to experience some physical stress, it is good to use the through-hole technology in the assembly so that the electronic components would be stronger. If the PCB will not have to experience physical stress, then it is more sensible to use surface-mount technology in the assembly process because this takes up less space on the circuit board.

Testing The PCBs

When all the electrical components have been completely assembled on the printed circuit board, it would be best to ensure that it works properly and performs like it should. There are certain ways to test the PCBs after being assembled. Here are some of them:

1. Visual Inspection (Power Off)

This simple test can ensure that all the electrical components are in their proper places on the board. This is also the right time to re-check every soldering.

2. Analog Signature Analysis (Power Off)

This is an effective fault diagnosis method for thorough fault-finding of a PCB. This is done by applying a current-limited sine wave signal to suitable points or electrical components on the board being tested using touch-probes.

3. In-Circuit Test (Power On)

This test is done by checking different physical measurements on the PCB such as frequency, voltage, etc.

4. Functional Test (Power On)

PCBThis test is done to check that the board really does what it is meant to do.

All is not lost if a printed circuit board fails any of these tests. Find out the source of the problem and change the failing board and/or electrical components so it could pass. In the PCB industry, this is sometimes called reworking.

If you would like to know more about PCBs, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Of course, we’re also open to partnering with you in pursuing your own manufacturing or entrepreneurial goals.

Top Organizations that Uses Custom Challenge Coins

The popularity and use of custom challenge coins continue to rise. These coins are given to honor people and recognize their roles in the society, particularly those who are in uniform.

In spite of the popularity of these coins, there are still some who are not aware which military organizations distribute coins to their members. Below are the top organizations that distribute challenge coins.

The Army

This branch of the military serves as defensive and offensive forms on land activities. Members of this group are assigned in the front lines to keep their camps protected and at the same time helping others while on duty.

Challenge Coin

The armed forces are divided into two groups. The field army is the troop that is being sent out and carry out their functions as military men regularly. Also, the army reserves are the groups that are usually deployed as supports where manpower is required such as wars and natural calamities. The armed forces give custom challenge coins to these military men to recognize their service for their country. For more reference visit official site

The Navy

Also referred to as maritime force, it is a branch of the military assigned of naval operations. In some nations, these maritime organizations can be under the naval troops or as an independent group with specialized services.

The navy are assigned to different operations such as commissioning naval military vessels for instance water tankers. The navy will take on the naval strategic and aviation planning. Their functions also include operating the amphibious, which imply that they can be both on water and land if needed.

They act as support or are designated as guards in the borderline. The navy troops take pride of their function and built brotherhood, which lead to the distribution of navy custom challenge coins to the group members.

Custom Challenge coin

The Air Force

This group is assigned to aerial operations of the country. Military men in the air force are well-versed in handling the aerial tankers used during the aerial warfare. They are trained in aerial navigation and techniques that are in charge of protecting the border.

Aside from taking part in wars, their assistance is also needed in cases of calamities where it requires aerial travel to mobilize the supplies and help for civilians and fellow air force members.

Because of their role, people are giving the high regards, particularly when they display their skills on public shows. This group holds demonstrations regularly to show off their skills on how they operate their air craft’s. Synchronized flying strategies are also included in the show.

Due to their services, air force members get custom challenge coins to display their pride on their skills and work. These coins are customized depending on their respective units or troop characteristics.

The Coast Guards

The troops protecting and handling the water borders from intruders are the coast guards. The naval force supervises their operations, but some nations have them as independent entities. Aside from guarding the borders, they also play vital roles in supervising customs and providing additional security. Their roles also include giving assistance to the government on water searches in case of accidents.

Since coast guards are considered as public servants, they are entitled in getting these challenge coins to commemorate their services.

The Corporate Offices

This group, although they are not part of the government servants, they are also distributing challenge coins to their members. These coins are given as rewards for devoted employees in serving the company for many years. Corporate coins are given to employees who are retiring or as a gift item for employees who are promoted to the top rank.

There are lots of organizations that understand the significance of challenge coins to boost the morale of their employees or members. Customizing these coins is easy with experts providing their services to different groups.

Make Life Creative with Iron on Patches

The embroidered patches are made up of thread and fabric material which are commonly attached into a cloth. It is being used in depicting the symbol or logo of a certain organization or company. The embroidered patch also adds design and artistry into a garment.

The embroidered patch comes in different types:

Embroidered PatchesThere are standard patches which are typically being attached by using the process of sewing. There are also patches that are called as the button loop. These patches are commonly being hang into the button of the cloth.Another type of embroidered patch is the Velcro backing. It can be detached anytime you want it to be removed. You can easily replaced the patch with a new design.

One of the newest forms of embroidered patch is the iron on patches. These are one of the alternative ways to show the symbol or emblem of an institution or organization. Just by using a heat, you can easily attach the patch to the cloth. The heat may be coming from a household iron or from the heat press machine. This type of patch serves as a substitute to the traditional sew on patches. Whatever heating equipment or machine you will use, the iron on patches can be easily attached into the garment. This patch has an adhesive backing that melts after being heated. The adhesive is responsible for making the backing of the patch sticky and allowing it to attach in the garment.

Patches 4 Less  is one of the companies that can provide you one of the best kinds of patches. We are experts in making and supplying different custom embroidered patches. If you are looking for iron on embroidered patches, we can provide it for you. The prices of our products and services cnay be viewed on our website at or you may directly contact our staff for more inquiries.

What are the ways to properly attach the iron on patch into the cloth or fabric material?

Like in any procedures, preparation is very important. You have to prepare the materials needed in attaching the patch into the cloth. The common things needed to be prepared are the iron on patch, heating equipment like household iron or heat press machine, and a clothing material where you will imprint the patch.

The iron on patches are not applicable to some things like water proof materials. These things may melt when heated. Leather, silk, nylon and polyester fabrics are also not recommended to be used because these materials may discolor and burned when heated. In ironing the patch, you must decide a good placement. If you will just use one iron on patch, you may place it in the prominent and visible area.

Custom Patches

In heating and imprinting your iron on patches into the garment, you must not forget to use a small cloth. This will serve as the middle material between the fabric and the heating equipment. This process prevents burning of the fabric material and avoiding the direct contact with the iron or heat press machine.

After doing this process, you may now imprint and heat the iron on patches:

Hold the iron or heat press machine for about 10 seconds or more. If the adhesive is not yet melting, you can press again the iron or heating equipment until you notice that the patch has been successfully attached in the cloth. The important thing about ironing the patch is the right amount of heat to be applied, as well as ensuring the melting of the adhesive on the back of the patch. This is to ensure that it has been attached in the right place.

In Patches 4 Less, we can help you in designing the best patches for your clothes.You may send us your own design. As soon as we receive it, we will make a digital proof of the patch. Through this, you can see if the appearance of the embroidered patch suits your desires, before we totally finalize your orders. You may also ask our staff to make your desired design, so you will jave less burden about it. Our prices are affordable and we provide free charges on revising your artwork. To know more about our other services, you may visit our website and social media accounts.

The iron on embroidered patch, aside from providing creativity and artistry into any material, is also a better way to show membership and affiliation in a specific group. With an affordable price, this will surely stay in demand.

Golf Tip #1 For The Newbies: Invest In Your Golf clubs

Even though you are new to the sport, you must have heard of the amazing news that golf has been included again in the Olympics after over a century! That’s one shiny reason added to the numerous ones we already have for loving this game. We can’t blame you if you’re already itching to take your first swings, but before you hit the green, take your time reading through our first golf tip for you: Invest in your Golf clubs.

You need them to play the game

The obvious reason for saying this is that you need a golf club to hit the golf ball. Golf clubs are specially designed to send golf balls (which are specially designed as well) flying over hundreds and hundreds of yards of grass to your target hole. Were you to use your arm, or a stick, instead, the yardage would definitely not be as good.

They will help you win

The more important reason for investing in your equipment is that every aspect of your game must be at its best to make you the best golfer you can be. Surely, you play the sport for fun, but you also play it to win. Losing matches teaches you valuable lessons, but winning games proves you’ve learned what you have to learn and takes you to the next lesson in the book. Think of it as journeying from one hole to the next in your local nine-hole course.

Callaway Golf

To win, several factors must be considered: (1) your swing, (2) the weather and the wind, (3) your mood and state of mind, (4) the golf course layout, and (5) all your golf equipment, especially your Golf clubs. They can be classified into two, depending on your influence on them: direct and indirect. Numbers 1, 3 and 5 belong to the first group and are things under your control, while numbers 2 and 4 belong to the second group and are not.

Those things directly under your control are up to you – for example, you have to watch your balance and perfect your strokes to make your full swings, half swings and putts. For those things indirectly under your control, you have to adjust your play style first to be able to win.

Your golf club is your weapon

In war parlance, your golf club is your weapon of choice. It’s what you win the game with. It is thus important that you learn how and when to use them.

There are generally three kinds of Golf clubs:

1. Woods – these are intended to make extremely long shots, such as those made at the tee box and in the nearer portions of the fairway. They have long shafts and large heads to maximize the distance traveled by a golf ball.

2. Irons – these are best used to make shorter and trickier shots, such as those in the farther end of the fairway approaching the green, or in sand traps. They have shorter shafts compared to the woods, and have metal heads with a flat surface. They give you better accuracy in your shots.

Taylormade Golf Clubs

3. Putters – these are used when all you have to do is to roll the golf ball through the green into its hole. For this purpose, they are made of metal, they are well balanced and they are low-lofted.

Under the official rules, you may have as many as 14 clubs in your golf bag. It’s up to you which to use for each of your swings. Therefore, you have to be ready for every possible situation.

Get the best clubs now

You can easily look up top-quality and affordable clubs all over the Internet. Make sure that you do not buy impulsively and that you check out the prices first. In our online catalog, you’ll find the best prices for the best brands – made possible by good business practices: a strong supply chain management system and efficient operations management. You’ll be surprised how rock-bottom the tags are – but we are neither worried nor in trouble, we’re simply passing you the savings we get.

With this crash course on Golf clubs done, we bet you’re ready to get your club now and swing your way to the next Olympics!

Author Bio:
Golf Clubs with different sorts likes golf irons, golf putters, golf wedges, golf drivers and some more, they are uniquely designed for you to play better shots and swings.

Effectively Achieving Motivational-Speaker-Success

Learning how to become an effective motivational speaker requires skills, knowledge and passion, but don’t worry because we are here to help you achieve successful speaking engagements through excellence and expertise. Whether you need someone to enlighten your audience or just motivate your corporate team for greater productivity and enthusiasm, motivational-speaker-success is available to support every objective that you may have. In addition, you will understand how important motivation is and how it affects people’s performance and perspective in life. Here, you are guaranteed to learn important insights and tips when it comes to becoming an excellent public speaker.
Motivational SpeakerTruth is it is never easy to become a professional motivational speaker who can deliver exact needs and provide audience with edifying standpoints. In fact, speakers today need to specialize in more languages to effectively connect with people. We need to be versatile and efficient in making people understand how essential it is to have motivation in life. Also, businessmen are required to expand their skills and influence to grow their range of offerings in the market.

Below are the qualities and factors you need to consider if you really want to work as a successful public speaker or motivational speaker just like motivational-speaker-success:

1. Start from your location

It’s important to start where you’re from. However, identify if there are locals who want to hear your points. If yes, then start your speaking career with them. And from that point, you can now expand your speaking engagements to nearby areas.

2. Choose the subject you want to talk about

By picking the kind of topic you want to discuss, it will help you become more effective in sharing your views. However, make sure that the subject is essential to you and your audience to create more relevant dialogue with them. By speaking from your heart, you can provide people with the right motivation they need in everyday life. Public speakers are looked up to and their audience should be able to benefit from their knowledge.

3. Offer small workshops and free speeches
Guest SpeakersOne of the best ways to start off your career as a motivational speaker is to offer people some free talks or a small workshop for those who want to benefit from your expertise. By starting within your local area, you can influence people to attend your speaking events and know your specializations. However, always keep in mind that offering free speeches is important if you’re just starting your career. This will help you build your reputation and go places.

4. Earn from your craft

After providing people with free talks, you can now start earning from your expertise, but it’s still important to continue to learn and expand your horizon when it comes to public speaking and giving motivation to others. From the speeches you provide, you can get potential clients who have larger audience to take advantage of your skills. After making a few bookings, you can now start making money from your public speaking skills and go to other countries.

Of course, it is important to build team’s camaraderie within your work environment especially in boosting productivity. By working with motivational-speaker-success, rest assured that your goals and needs are met in a more professional manner. With our clients from across the globe, we are in fact glad to expand our services to other countries with qualified speakers to use various languages. The effectiveness of our services also helps people to achieve their exact goals whether it’s for business or personal purposes. If you are interested to know more about our company, please feel free to contact us today.

Why Work With Us

Choosing a reliable partner who perfectly knows how motivational speaking works is indeed important. You cannot support your organization or corporate team to become more efficient if you don’t motivate them. Here, you are now aware of how essential motivational speakers are in your life. If you want to build a long-term career and manage a strong business in the future, consider hiring a public speaker to lead your conferences and other events. Bear in mind that the secret to success is motivation and hard work. Let us help you attain your business goals in the best possible way we know.

Motivational Speaker

For those who are currently looking for a qualified motivational speaker to meet their requirements, motivational-speaker-success is here to offer professional assistance. We believe that all individuals need moral support when it comes to motivation and perseverance to achieve what they really want in life. With that, we are glad to be involved in an industry where we are able to share our knowledge and life inspirations. One thing that we guarantee you is that our professional public speakers are skilled and experienced enough to provide you with an effective speaking engagement and other relevant insights to absorb.

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An effective motivational speaker should be able to speak to his audience on a personal level while at the same time, promoting the common goal that he wants them, as a group to achieve for promotional goal of speaker watch motivational videos.

Watch Out for Long Island Foreclosure Defense Scams

Foreclosure is every homeowner’s nightmare. The years of hard work to ensure a roof over their families’ heads are erased. Yet despite this predicament, it is saddening to note the existence of Long Island foreclosure defense scams. These cheap tricks are enforced by unscrupulous individuals to rip off naive homeowners.

You need to be aware of your rights as a homeowner as well as the cheap tricks scam artists may try to pull off.

LawA fake bankruptcy claim is a common scam used on most unsuspecting homeowners who are on the verge of foreclosure. At the start, a homeowner is made to pay a high cost upfront under the assumption that it would be used to renegotiate their mortgage with lenders.

However, in reality the scammer would use the money to file for bankruptcy on behalf of the homeowner. Though this may temporarily put a stop to the foreclosure, the unknowing homeowner would be left to deal with the damaging effects that bankruptcy would do to their credit.

Though it may be a common strategy advised to troubled homeowners, it may also be a scam in some cases. The rent to own scheme is used by scammers to convince unsuspecting homeowners to sign over the deed of their home.

In exchange, they would be allowed to rent and stay in the home. Unless dealing with a legitimate company or individual, the likelihood of this happening may be impossible. Be sure to check the credentials of the company or individual involved before signing over the title to them.

The recommendation of a false foreclosure should concern troubled homeowners as well. With this type of scam, a homeowner may be led to believe that a dialog with the lender is under way for the purpose of modifying the loan.

This usually would entail the payment of a large fee upfront or higher monthly expenses to be paid by the homeowner. But in actuality, the scammer would keep most of the homeowner’s money.

As a homeowner, it is important to know the warning signs of possible scams. Experts in Long Island foreclosure defense would advise troubled homeowners to be on the lookout for these unethical practices.

First, be wary of individuals or firms that make bold statements. Beware of scam artists who make grand promises as they may not only rob you of your home, they may also leave you in greater debt than before.

These unscrupulous individuals will claim to be able to stop foreclosure proceedings entirely regardless of the amount of debt you may have. Also, think twice about those who may claim to have gotten loan modification relief for all or nearly all of their clients.

Bear in mind that a reputable Long Island foreclosure defense firm would not require the payment of their fees upfront. Federal law states that distressed homeowners may not be forced to pay a company they have enlisted for mortgage assistance relief services unless they are satisfied with the outcome of proceedings. The rule also compels the disclosure of key information to prospective as well as existing clientele.

Stir clear of companies that would pressure you into signing any agreement without having to look at the fine print. You may be hoodwinked into transferring the title or property deeds to them.

Scam artists will strike at the most vulnerable point in your life, even as you face foreclosure. So make sure to arm yourself with information about how to best avoid foreclosure scams. And as always, trust only the services of a reputable Long Island foreclosure defense firm who will surely have your best interest in mind.