Golf Tip #1 For The Newbies: Invest In Your Golf clubs

Even though you are new to the sport, you must have heard of the amazing news that golf has been included again in the Olympics after over a century! That’s one shiny reason added to the numerous ones we already have for loving this game. We can’t blame you if you’re already itching to take your first swings, but before you hit the green, take your time reading through our first golf tip for you: Invest in your Golf clubs.

You need them to play the game

The obvious reason for saying this is that you need a golf club to hit the golf ball. Golf clubs are specially designed to send golf balls (which are specially designed as well) flying over hundreds and hundreds of yards of grass to your target hole. Were you to use your arm, or a stick, instead, the yardage would definitely not be as good.

They will help you win

The more important reason for investing in your equipment is that every aspect of your game must be at its best to make you the best golfer you can be. Surely, you play the sport for fun, but you also play it to win. Losing matches teaches you valuable lessons, but winning games proves you’ve learned what you have to learn and takes you to the next lesson in the book. Think of it as journeying from one hole to the next in your local nine-hole course.

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To win, several factors must be considered: (1) your swing, (2) the weather and the wind, (3) your mood and state of mind, (4) the golf course layout, and (5) all your golf equipment, especially your Golf clubs. They can be classified into two, depending on your influence on them: direct and indirect. Numbers 1, 3 and 5 belong to the first group and are things under your control, while numbers 2 and 4 belong to the second group and are not.

Those things directly under your control are up to you – for example, you have to watch your balance and perfect your strokes to make your full swings, half swings and putts. For those things indirectly under your control, you have to adjust your play style first to be able to win.

Your golf club is your weapon

In war parlance, your golf club is your weapon of choice. It’s what you win the game with. It is thus important that you learn how and when to use them.

There are generally three kinds of Golf clubs:

1. Woods – these are intended to make extremely long shots, such as those made at the tee box and in the nearer portions of the fairway. They have long shafts and large heads to maximize the distance traveled by a golf ball.

2. Irons – these are best used to make shorter and trickier shots, such as those in the farther end of the fairway approaching the green, or in sand traps. They have shorter shafts compared to the woods, and have metal heads with a flat surface. They give you better accuracy in your shots.

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3. Putters – these are used when all you have to do is to roll the golf ball through the green into its hole. For this purpose, they are made of metal, they are well balanced and they are low-lofted.

Under the official rules, you may have as many as 14 clubs in your golf bag. It’s up to you which to use for each of your swings. Therefore, you have to be ready for every possible situation.

Get the best clubs now

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With this crash course on Golf clubs done, we bet you’re ready to get your club now and swing your way to the next Olympics!

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