Make Life Creative with Iron on Patches

The embroidered patches are made up of thread and fabric material which are commonly attached into a cloth. It is being used in depicting the symbol or logo of a certain organization or company. The embroidered patch also adds design and artistry into a garment.

The embroidered patch comes in different types:

Embroidered PatchesThere are standard patches which are typically being attached by using the process of sewing. There are also patches that are called as the button loop. These patches are commonly being hang into the button of the cloth.Another type of embroidered patch is the Velcro backing. It can be detached anytime you want it to be removed. You can easily replaced the patch with a new design.

One of the newest forms of embroidered patch is the iron on patches. These are one of the alternative ways to show the symbol or emblem of an institution or organization. Just by using a heat, you can easily attach the patch to the cloth. The heat may be coming from a household iron or from the heat press machine. This type of patch serves as a substitute to the traditional sew on patches. Whatever heating equipment or machine you will use, the iron on patches can be easily attached into the garment. This patch has an adhesive backing that melts after being heated. The adhesive is responsible for making the backing of the patch sticky and allowing it to attach in the garment.

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What are the ways to properly attach the iron on patch into the cloth or fabric material?

Like in any procedures, preparation is very important. You have to prepare the materials needed in attaching the patch into the cloth. The common things needed to be prepared are the iron on patch, heating equipment like household iron or heat press machine, and a clothing material where you will imprint the patch.

The iron on patches are not applicable to some things like water proof materials. These things may melt when heated. Leather, silk, nylon and polyester fabrics are also not recommended to be used because these materials may discolor and burned when heated. In ironing the patch, you must decide a good placement. If you will just use one iron on patch, you may place it in the prominent and visible area.

Custom Patches

In heating and imprinting your iron on patches into the garment, you must not forget to use a small cloth. This will serve as the middle material between the fabric and the heating equipment. This process prevents burning of the fabric material and avoiding the direct contact with the iron or heat press machine.

After doing this process, you may now imprint and heat the iron on patches:

Hold the iron or heat press machine for about 10 seconds or more. If the adhesive is not yet melting, you can press again the iron or heating equipment until you notice that the patch has been successfully attached in the cloth. The important thing about ironing the patch is the right amount of heat to be applied, as well as ensuring the melting of the adhesive on the back of the patch. This is to ensure that it has been attached in the right place.

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The iron on embroidered patch, aside from providing creativity and artistry into any material, is also a better way to show membership and affiliation in a specific group. With an affordable price, this will surely stay in demand.