Top Organizations that Uses Custom Challenge Coins

The popularity and use of custom challenge coins continue to rise. These coins are given to honor people and recognize their roles in the society, particularly those who are in uniform.

In spite of the popularity of these coins, there are still some who are not aware which military organizations distribute coins to their members. Below are the top organizations that distribute challenge coins.

The Army

This branch of the military serves as defensive and offensive forms on land activities. Members of this group are assigned in the front lines to keep their camps protected and at the same time helping others while on duty.

Challenge Coin

The armed forces are divided into two groups. The field army is the troop that is being sent out and carry out their functions as military men regularly. Also, the army reserves are the groups that are usually deployed as supports where manpower is required such as wars and natural calamities. The armed forces give custom challenge coins to these military men to recognize their service for their country. For more reference visit official site

The Navy

Also referred to as maritime force, it is a branch of the military assigned of naval operations. In some nations, these maritime organizations can be under the naval troops or as an independent group with specialized services.

The navy are assigned to different operations such as commissioning naval military vessels for instance water tankers. The navy will take on the naval strategic and aviation planning. Their functions also include operating the amphibious, which imply that they can be both on water and land if needed.

They act as support or are designated as guards in the borderline. The navy troops take pride of their function and built brotherhood, which lead to the distribution of navy custom challenge coins to the group members.

Custom Challenge coin

The Air Force

This group is assigned to aerial operations of the country. Military men in the air force are well-versed in handling the aerial tankers used during the aerial warfare. They are trained in aerial navigation and techniques that are in charge of protecting the border.

Aside from taking part in wars, their assistance is also needed in cases of calamities where it requires aerial travel to mobilize the supplies and help for civilians and fellow air force members.

Because of their role, people are giving the high regards, particularly when they display their skills on public shows. This group holds demonstrations regularly to show off their skills on how they operate their air craft’s. Synchronized flying strategies are also included in the show.

Due to their services, air force members get custom challenge coins to display their pride on their skills and work. These coins are customized depending on their respective units or troop characteristics.

The Coast Guards

The troops protecting and handling the water borders from intruders are the coast guards. The naval force supervises their operations, but some nations have them as independent entities. Aside from guarding the borders, they also play vital roles in supervising customs and providing additional security. Their roles also include giving assistance to the government on water searches in case of accidents.

Since coast guards are considered as public servants, they are entitled in getting these challenge coins to commemorate their services.

The Corporate Offices

This group, although they are not part of the government servants, they are also distributing challenge coins to their members. These coins are given as rewards for devoted employees in serving the company for many years. Corporate coins are given to employees who are retiring or as a gift item for employees who are promoted to the top rank.

There are lots of organizations that understand the significance of challenge coins to boost the morale of their employees or members. Customizing these coins is easy with experts providing their services to different groups.